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Gruppe von Geschäftsleuten, die um den Tisch herum sitzen


Our experience spans all industries and challenges.

This gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every customer relationship. We help you see your world in a new way, identify unimaginable possibilities and achieve outcomes that bridge the gap between the present and the future.

Our clients

Industry Skills

Agricultural economics
Devon + Sark identifies potential game changers for the industry as well as farming trends. As a result, successful business strategies are developed together with the customer.

Automotive and mobility
Devosn + Sark supports car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, global suppliers, technology companies, service specialists as well as mobility and financial service providers in realizing substantial increases in value.

Mining and metal
For many years, Devon + Sark management has worked closely with leading companies in the mining and metals industries. Many projects have been successfully mastered together.

Chemical industry
Devon + Sark experts have in-depth knowledge of the chemical industry while also having the opportunity to access knowledge from other industries.

Retail trade
Devon + Sark works with leading retailers to develop bespoke solutions that meet current and future retail challenges.

Energy industry
Devon + Sark energy professionals bring their extensive experience in the Oil & Gas, Utilities & Renewable Energy and Petrochemical industries to enable operational excellence and drive strategic growth.

Financial services
Devon + Sark covers all major segments of the financial services industry. This ranges from banking to the insurance industry to asset management and securities sales.

Airlines and logistics
High competition, fluctuating fuel prices, changing customer needs and declining customer loyalty are just some of the factors that are weighing on the logistics industry. Devon + Sark helps transport and logistics companies make intelligent decisions on strategic, operational and digital issues and act quickly and decisively.

Forest products, paper and packaging
Devon + Sark works closely with companies from all areas of forestry and the paper and packaging industry and shows ways to profitable growth.

Devon + Sark partners with healthcare companies to deliver patient value, drive innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of healthcare systems.

Industrial goods and services
We help our industrial customers from all sectors to mobilize their companies to achieve sustainable results.

Infrastructure and construction industry
Devon + Sark works closely with customers from the construction industry - globally and regionally and in all market cycles.

Consumer goods
Complex consumption and consumer behavior, consolidation efforts in retail and newly emerging markets create many challenges, but also opportunities.

Mechanical engineering
Devon + Sark has worked with companies in the industrial machinery sector for several decades.

Media economy
The media industry is in the midst of a far-reaching digital transformation.

Oil and gas
The Devon + Sark Oil & Gas practice group works in all sectors of the petroleum industry worldwide. We advise state oil companies, major mineral oil groups, petrochemical companies, oilfield service providers, renewable energy companies, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds.

With cross-sector expertise and international experience, Devon + Sark helps providers stay ahead of the competition in an industry where innovation can be both an opportunity and a threat.

Utilities and renewable energy
Devon + Sark can help utilities meet these challenges by strengthening their core business

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